Featured Glow up: Bourne Hot

Written By: Jenna Breitinger

Meet my 2011 model OTTB gelding, JC: Bourne Hot. This gelding had 41 career starts with seven wins, last racing on 3/31/2018.  BH or Brown Horse (as I like to call him) was hanging out in a field for a short time until I purchased him in May of 2018.  He had some additional let down time, did some trail riding, and then began the restart process. 

Just like most, we have had our ups AND downs.  Brown Horse has proven himself to be an all around difficult horse to manage (the most difficult that I have come across in my 25+ years of riding)…He likes things his way, can be aggressive in his stall, is a bit of a trouble maker, and can for sure be described as a handful.  Let’s just say, he lives true to the “hot-blooded” nature. We have attended a few (unrated) shows and have gone to some clinics together.  However, over the last few years, it has been determined that he is at his happiest with 24/7 turnout, surrounded by friends, and really enjoys going on trail rides (he is such a special boy that he can even go on solo rides). I am incredibly proud of this horse and his overall transformation since being on the track.  I am so very grateful for him and the lessons he has taught me along this journey.  He has shown me how special these horses truly are.  With all of that said, to everyone out there on your own journey…just remember – respect the difficult moments, embrace the teaching moments, and always (always) make the most of the great moments.

Before and After Photos:

Top: May 2018, Bottom: November 2020
 September 2018, Right: May 2020

Photos Courtesy Of: Jenna Breitinger

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