Huginn’s Glow up

Written by: Amanda Alessandra

My name is Amanda Alessandra. I got my horse Huginn (JC: Happyisoutback) off the track September 17, 2018. The shippers hurt him on his way to me. He was delivered to me with part of his back left hoof ripped off and then super glued back on with no medical care. He also had two puncture wounds on his rind hind leg. After a full work up by my vet, he was diagnosed with Kissing Spine as well. The vet told me my worst case scenario is he may never canter. Well, after lots of chiro/acupuncture, some injections, and some heavy dressage, he walks, trots, canters, AND jumps! I’m so honored I have been blessed with an absolute unicorn (sight unseen I must add) From the ground to saddle to bareback, from boyfriends to dads to kids, this horse does it all! 



Photos Courtesy of: Amanda Alessandra

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