Avi’s Glow Up

Written By: Alexa Zanfardino

Four years ago Avi came into my life. Avi is an OTTB, Jockey Club name Cuvee Storm.
In November 2017, I came across an ad of a horse who would be sent out to slaughter the following day. I sent in his bail money and the rest is history. When I first got Avi he appeared to be numb inside, no personality and so docile. His eyes were filled with sadness and he walked so low and small. He was underweight and had no muscle. His coat was super furry but very dull and he had a lot of cuts and bites on him.

Four years ago and he was pretty much unrideable. He was deemed dangerous and no one wanted to work with him. Finally, after many trials, errors, and trainers he is such a gentleman and loves to jump! He is currently competing in the 3’3 jumpers.

Four years later and he is full of a limitless personality ; He is extremely quirky and funny. He is so happy and brings a smile to everyone’s face that meets him. His coat is gleaming and healthy. Although, he has a lot of scars from his past on his body, it’s a reminder of where he came from. He has gained the much needed weight and has a wonderful top-line and muscle now! It’s been one crazy journey but I’m so happy that I never gave up and kept trying.



Photos Courtesy of Alexa Zanfardino

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