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A new safety technology in the equestrian world, EquineTrac, LLC!

EquineTrac is a wireless sensor paired with the EquineTrac IOS mobile app and uses state-of-the-art smart technology to detect if the rider separates from the horse during a ride, and is such a must needed device in the equestrian community!

After a quick download of the EquineTrac IOS mobile app and one-time configuration, the EquineTrac sensor wirelessly connects to the rider’s phone when they start a ride. The smart sensor technology automatically adjusts for each individual rider. If the sensor detects separation from the rider it will prompt a text alert with a map pin of the rider’s location to the rider’s emergency contact.

When asked what inspired creating this product, cofounder Tanner Oliphant said “When I was younger my uncle passed away due to a head injury sustained from falling off his horse.  I am not sure if this technology would / could have saved his life but maybe we can save someone’s life as time is of the essence during times of medical emergencies.”

The device not only detects when you fall, but also tracks your riding history

EquineTrac, LLC is a Huron, South Dakota, USA-based technology company with an office in Georgetown, KY.   Founded in 2022 by three individuals that have years of expertise working in the AgTech industry. Unfortunately, most equestrians have a story of someone they know that has been seriously injured or even worse due to a horseback riding accident. Accidents happen and not all can be prevented. When these accidents occur,  time is of the essence!

EquineTrac gives riders of all disciplines and their families peace of mind that if they fall, we will call!

Kate Bowser Photography

EquineTrac is designed for riders of all ages and experiences in mind. The EquineTrac sensor replaceable battery has an approximate 12-month life and does not need to be turned on/off between rides. Simply turn the sensor on during the initial configuration and mount it on your saddle. Once the sensor is mounted the rider simply opens the EquineTrac mobile app and clicks, Start, Pause or Stop. 

Kate Bowser Photography

SAS Equestrian

Shawna Simmons-Whitty, is the owner of SAS Equestrian Photography and SAS Equestrian Home. She is a life long equestrian, backed with a decade of experience working as a photographer in the New York City fashion scene. Shawna grew up competing in the hunter/jumper show circuit, and currently owns an OTTB gelding and a warmblood mare.

SAS Equestrian Photography consists of black + white background portraits, horse & rider lifestyle shoots, select brand campaigns and editorial features for the luxury equestrian market. Shawna has had 15 magazine covers and have been published in France, Denmark, Canada, USA and Germany.

Find her portfolio here, and follow SAS on social media @sasequestrian.

SAS Equestrian Home embraces the long-standing traditions of the elite American hunter/jumper show circuit with a fresh, modern perspective. Check out Shawna’s newly available wallpaper line, partnered with York Wallpaper. The collection inspired by the beauty of horses coats, groomed to the nines with detail and precision. This unique wallpaper collection will give your home, office or tack room the bold, yet sophisticated equestrian feel.

To view the collection go to

New Track, New Life

I love the book New Track, New Life written by Kimberly Godwin Clark for Thoroughbred owners, new and old. Clark is passionate about Thoroughbreds and has worked with them on and off the race track for over 25 years! Her extensive knowledge for the breed really shows throughout the book, and she does an amazing job at explaining EVERYTHING that has to do with Off The Track Thoroughbreds. New Track, New Life includes great insight on what racehorses lives are really like, and has great layout of walking you through every aspect of an ex race horse from start to finish. This book is a must read for any Off the Track Thoroughbred owner.

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