The Versatile Thoroughbred

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One of the many reasons I, and so many other people, are drawn to the Thoroughbred is for how versatile the breed is. It is truly amazing to see a horse that spent the beginning years of its life dedicated to running as fast as they can on a track, be able to master a whole other discipline. I started riding my old OTTB Johnny a year after he was off the track. It took time, trust building and training but we eventually were horse showing, going on trail rides (which included going in the river) jumping cross country jumps and I even dressed him up for halloween.

It’s amazing to see all the different types of disciplines that Thoroughbreds get into post race career. The Thoroughbred was the traditional breed to take over the hunter/jumper ring. Hunters, being judged on the overall appearance, style and form; their classic refined build keeps them competitive. In the jumper ring where it’s based on time and faults; their speed, and agility make them a popular choice. You will also find them to be spectacular Eventing horses. In eventing where horse and rider compete in the three phases which consist of dressage, cross country and stadium jumping; endurance, speed and elegance is needed, and Thoroughbreds check all three boxes.

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English is not the only style of riding that Thoroughbreds can do. You can also find them in western and polo tack as well. Due to the quickness on their feet, Thoroughbreds give the quarter horses in barrel racing a run for their money. Seeing an off the track Thoroughbred on the polo field is very common as well. Their stamina, speed and drive make them a top choice for polo ponies. Thoroughbreds have the biggest hearts and always try so hard to please their riders. This multi talented breed is truly special.

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