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With the buzz of the Triple Crown, and the Preakness happening this Saturday I thought it would be appropriate to talk about race horses, and what happens once their career ends. For these Triple Crown winners it usually means a pretty kush retirement, of breeding and passing on genetics to their off spring, in hopes for the next superstar. But what happens to the race horses that don’t make the cut? The ones that get injured training on the track? The ones that weren’t fast enough to begin with? Where do those horses go? Many of them retire from racing before they are even 5 years old, with a whole life ahead of them.

Of course in all sports there are the good people in the industry, and the shady people in the industry, and in horse racing it’s no different. I applaud the responsible racehorse owners, trainers and jockeys that are in it for the right reasons, and make sure that their retired horses go to qualified homes. But, unfortunately there are still many shady people out there. Once the horse is no longer winning money and deemed unprofitable they throw them away like garbage where many end up in kill pens.

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Photo by Iris Erlind

Luckily, there are so many amazing organizations out there that are dedicated to rehoming and advocating for these ex racehorses, and giving them the foundation they need for second careers. It is truly amazing to see the increase in demand for Thoroughbreds in the horse show world because of organizations like these. The month of May was officially named adopt a horse month by the ASPCA in 2021, so it is the perfect time to find your next partner. To see hundreds of available horses for adoption head over to, and save a life.

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